These are some terms that are important to your understanding of what we do and will insure that we understand your needs and desires.

Is an upright die and base together. It is also referred to as a tombstone, headstone or gravestone.
Slant Marker
A grave site marker that is slanted and is on a granite base.
Beveled Marker
Is a marker with a slight bevel.
Grass Marker
A marker that is flush with the ground.
Balanced Rock Pitch (brp)
This is the rough edge of a stone.
Pol 1
Polished face of stone.
Pol 2
Polished face and back of stone.
Pol 3
Polished face, back and top of stone.
Pol 5
Polished face, back, top and sides or all polished stone
Examples of Measurements
3-0 × 0-8 × 2-0 = 3ft. by 8inches by 2ft. (length × width × height).
A skilled artisan uses a diamond tipped etching tool to scratch the granite's polished surface and create a timeless portrait that is a true piece of art. Etchings can have color added to them for a more realistic representation.
Laser Etching
Laser etching is when we take a customer's photo or a picture and actually laser it on the stone. It is done by lasering the polished area of the stone and is not a deep engraving unlike the sandblast method.
A sandblaster uses a high pressured blower to blast sand into granite for inscribing letters, numbers, pictures and designs.
Hand Tooling
A highly skilled artisan shapes and carves numbers and letters out of stone, by hand — creating different styles of lettering. Examples would be round raised lettering, square raised lettering and V-sunk lettering.
Thermal Finish
A rough finish used for pavers so it is a non slippery surface. We take a blow torch to the granite and rough it up a little for a rougher texture.