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Vermont Granite Works can provide you with all of the above and more…see our different styles of monuments below

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Note: Prices may vary with each color. All colors may not be available. Prices may differ due to changing material costs.

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Up-right Monument

Upright Granite Memorial

The selections are endless when choosing a beautiful monument to memorialize yourself or a loved one.

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Slant Markers

Granite Slant Markers

Slant markers are a unique possibility for your grave lot.

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Beveled Markers

Granite Beveled Markers

This marker is a long standing member of the monumental world. It has been around a long time.

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Beveled Markers

Granite Grass/ Flush Markers

Flush with the ground, these are nice markers for those on a small budget.
They can have a thicker base.

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Granite Corner Posts

Perfect for marking your cemetery lot or use in a garden or for marking your land. These posts can be customized by the addition of a letter or name at an additional charge. Sizes include:6" x 6" x 6" or 6" x 6" x 8". Choose a color from the color chart Available in Plain or Lettered.


Granite and Marble Sculpting

If you are looking for a "full relief" sculpting or any type of sculpting out of granite, talk with us! We have access to some of the finest sculptors in the world.

Vermont Granite Works specializes in granite sculpting, hand tooling, stone cutting, and cultivated roses. Local Vermont Artisans are at hand to bring you the best in memorializing yourself and your loved ones.

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Stone Etching

Laser Etched Granite

Our talented Vermont Artisans Beautifully hand etch designs with a diamond tip etching tool on your family grave marker or pet marker. Our artisans can even hand etch your family portrait on granite using your favorite photo. You will be able to pass the artwork on from generation to generation as a family heirloom.

We also do laser etching.

War Memorials

War Memorials

Vermont Granite Works is where you'll find beautifully designed and crafted memorials to those who have given their lives in defense of the values that have made this country great.

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