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Garden Accents

Vermont Granite Works House and Garden pieces are custom-crafted and designed for natural beauty to last for generations.

“ Your work was outstanding. You were very prompt… getting the work done ahead of schedule. Thanks for everything. ”

- Richford Elementary School

Note: Prices may vary with each color. All colors may not be available. Prices may differ due to changing material costs.

Memorial Plaque

Memorial Plaque

Memorial Plaque for walk way.

Custom Granite Bench

Custom Granite Table

Beautiful one-of-a-kind Outdoor Barre gray granite table. Polished top, rock pitched sides. Will look beautiful next to your pond or pool area.

Custom Granite Bench

Rustic Rectangular Garden Bench

Barre Gray Granite Bench with a smooth, unpolished top and rock-pitched sides and back.

Beautiful granite benches can be a delight when put on your property. Sit and enjoy in a nice quiet area of your home garden or on your patio. What a nice way to enjoy lazy Summer Days!

Custom Granite Bench

Imported All Polished Park Bench

Imported all polished park bench with back. Ask about colors and size. These come unassembled.

Beautiful, 4 foot in length, all polished granite bench with back – they can be engraved too! This would look great anywhere.

Custom Granite Bench

Vermont Made Custom Granite Bench with Back

Made locally Barre Gray Granite Bench with a back and an all smooth, unpolished finish.

Call or email for a quote.

Rectangular Granite Bench

Rectangular Granite Bench

Complement your back yard with solid, yet elegant weather proof granite.

Available in Barre Gray, Mountain Rose and Black.

Rounded Granite Bench

Rounded Edge Granite Bench

Graceful rounded edges create a stylish backyard seat.

Available in Barre Gray, Mountain Rose and Black.

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Hand Etched Jet Black Granite Bench

A talented Vermont artisan can add a beautiful custom etched scene to this elegant black granite bench. This will look like a million on your landscaped yard or pool-side patio.

Laser Etched Memorial Bench or Garden Benches Laser Etched Memorial Bench or Garden Benches

Laser Etched Memorial Bench or Garden Benches

Let Vermont Granite Works help you make lasting memories with a special way to capture an important life event or memorialize a loved one with a hand crafted laser etched granite bench. It will look beautiful on your property, at the cemetery or near a civic area or school. Contact us today for a quote….

Custom Made Granite Bench

Custom Made Granite Bench

You decide what would look best on your landscaping!

Granite Fire Ring

Granite Fire Ring Custom Made

Enhance your lawn and fire pit area with a custom made fire ring out of granite.

This granite fire ring is made out of Barre Gray Granite with a flamed top and rock pitched interior and exterior.

It will make your fire pit and lawn area look great!

Mailbox Post

Granite Mailbox Post

The snow plow won't know what hit it!

Mailbox brackets can be included at an additional cost.

Garden Sculpture Garden Sculpture

Garden Sculpture

Barre Gray Granite Custom Made Sculpture for our customer's garden. The granite finial on the top was hand tooled by our gifted granite Artisan right here in Barre, Vermont.

We can help you make your granite sculpting come to life!

Use your imagination! Use your imagination!

Use Your Imagination!

Granite Spheres to enhance your landscaping, your garden, or your Bocce Ball Court!

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