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Vermont Granite Works can provide you with Granite Markers, Memorials, Gravestones, Headstones, Cemetery Monuments, Statues, and more… see our different styles of monuments below.

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Note: Prices may vary with each color. All colors may not be available. Prices may differ due to changing material costs.

Granite Tablets and Granite Reproductions of Older Memorial Stones

Granite Reproductions of Older Memorial Stones

“ …I had the opportunity to go see the stone last week at the Peru cemetery - and it is just what I was hoping for - an old style stone - especially from a distance. The arch at the top is just wanted and I love the sharp edge on the verticals and around the arch.

And the person who did the moon did a fabulous job, I loved how they rounded out the bottom of the edge of the circle and made it a rougher surface than the face of the stone. And the lettering was sharp and legible even on the light colored stone! I love the Bethel White granite, it's perfect!

Thanks again! ”

- Janet Cass

Here is a photo of a Vermont Bethel White Granite Tablet family memorial that we made for our customer. She wanted a memorial stone that matched the ones in the older section of her cemetery where she and her husband had their lot. This is partially buried in the ground and attached to a cement footing. We can make reproductions of older granite memorials. If you want to email us photos of granite memorials you would like for us to reproduce, please do so. We will need to know what color granite you would like along with the size stone. Our Artisans can hand-tool and hand-carve letters along with special fonts. Let us make your family memorial a real statement.

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Up-right Monument

Granite Upright Memorials

The selections are endless when choosing a beautiful granite upright monument to memorialize yourself or a loved one. Granite uprights set on a granite base.

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Slant Markers

Granite Slant Markers

Granite Slant markers are a unique possibility for your grave lot. Granite Slant markers can come on a granite base or just set alone on the cement footing. They have a bevel to them and are thicker on the bottom than on the top.

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Beveled Markers

Granite Beveled Markers

Granite beveled markers can be duplicated to match existing family markers. There are different styles of beveled markers to choose from. Contact us today.

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Granite Grass Markers or Granite Flush Markers

Beveled Markers

Flush with the ground, these granite markers are used to identify a grave lot so the family knows where the loved one is buried. A common size for these is 2' length by 1' width by 4" thickness. They come in different granite colors to match your family's existing granite memorial or they can be used to mark the site of a loved one.

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Granite Corner Posts

Perfect for marking your cemetery lot, use in a garden or for marking your land. These granite corner posts can be customized by the addition of a letter,number or name at an additional charge. The color can be matched to your family's Granite Memorial stone. Sizes include: 6"×6"×6" or 6"×6"×8". Choose a color from the color chart. Available in Stone Etching.

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Granite and Marble Sculpting

If you are looking for a "full relief" sculpting or any type of sculpting out of granite, talk with us! We have access to some of the finest sculptors in the world.

Vermont Granite Works specializes in granite sculpting, hand tooling, stone cutting, and cultivated roses. Local Vermont Artisans are at hand to bring you the best in memorializing yourself and your loved ones.

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Laser Etched Designs on Granite

Stone Etching

Let us add personal touches to your granite memorial by laser etching a favorite family photo, or portrait in memory of a loved one on your granite stone. We can laser etch granite plaques for all occasions too! Laser etching is done on dark granite such as black granite for the best results. The granite etching can be painted to look more realistic.

Note: Painting granite is not recommended for outside use. In time if exposed to the outside elements the paint will flake off the granite or fade away. The laser burns the polish off the stone and it is not a deep engraving.

Contact us with questions and pricing.

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War Memorials

Granite War Memorials and Granite Civic Memorials

Vermont Granite Works is where you will find beautifully designed and crafted granite war memorials and civic memorials to those who have given their lives in defense of the values that have made this country great! We specialize in different civic memorials and military memorials.

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