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Granite Samples

Choosing the Right Granite Color and Finish

There are many different varieties of colored granites from all around the United States and the World. The beauty of granite is that no two pieces are exactly alike. If the granite is quarried and comes from the same block then it is easier to match. When purchasing a counter top it is best that the granite pieces come from the same slab of granite especially if there are lots of veining and striations in the granite. When purchasing a granite that has a tight grain such as Barre Gray Granite or Jet Black Granite these are easier granites to match.

Granite gets darker when it is polished because the process of polishing closes the pours of the stone. Sometimes it may seem like a piece of gray granite in the cemetery looks like white granite. More than likely it is an unpolished piece of gray granite. When granite is polished it looks dark and shiny. Granite stays cleaner when it is polished, which is something to think about when you are purchasing your granite memorial. If your cemetery lot is under a tree or a bush you may want a polished stone, it is more apt to stay cleaner since the rain and snow wash away the debris left on it. If you like the look of older granite memorials then you might want to go with an unpolished finish. The texture of an unpolished memorial almost feels like sandpaper.

Vermont Granite Works can provide you with a granite color of your choosing. If you do not see it here we will do our best to get it for you.

We use different color granites such as our local Vermont Granites – Barre Gray Granite, Bethel White Granite, Vermont Woodbury Gray Granite. We also have granite quarried in Canada – North American Pink Granite and Canadian Pink Granite. Jet Black Granite and Impala Black Granite are quarried in Africa. Black Mist Granite is quarried in Pennsylvania. We have many more beautiful and unique granite colors from the United States and around the world to choose from.

Granite Colors

Here are some of our quality Memorial Granite Color Samples for your viewing.

  • American Black Granite Color Sample American Black
  • Barre Gray Granite Color Sample Barre Gray
  • Bethel White Granite Color Sample Bethel White
  • Black Mist Granite Color Sample Black Mist
  • Impala Black Granite Color Sample Impala Black
  • Jet Black Granite Color Sample Jet Black
  • Canadian Mahogany Granite Color Sample Canadian Mahogany
  • Mountain Rose Granite Color Sample Mountain Rose

Note: Granite colors may vary between electronic device screen monitors. These granite color samples should be used only as a general reference to our granite colors. If you are in need of a color sample we can make one for you at a cost.

Granite Finishes

Here are some examples of Granite Finishes you can have on your Granite Memorial or Granite Piece. The color granite used for these photos is Barre Gray and this will give you an idea as to what the granite finish will look like. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

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