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Our Past Projects

Rings Of Friendship Statue in Dubai

Rings Of Friendship Statue in Dubai

Vermont Granite Works supplied Vermont's Barre Gray Granite for the base of the Rings of Friendship Statue in Dubai.

The Rings, each 16 feet in diameter, 27 inches in width and 9 inches deep, weigh 6 tons and are constructed of the highest grade American 316L stainless steel. The rings are polished to a high mirror finish. The Barre Gray granite is from Vermont and is used on the pedestals that weigh more than 11 tons. There are seven shining lights, illuminating the rings which represents the seven Emirates. Twenty five lights shine on a pathway leading to a raised area. These lights commemorate the twenty-five years of friendship and the positive relations between the UAE and the United States of America.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

custom memorial project

Vermont Granite Works helps you bring your ideas to life with custom memorial work that you will be proud of…

Another custom granite memorial project we were grateful to help make was that of Mr. C. Peter Jorgensen. Pete, as he liked to be called, was a man that took pride in his life accomplishments and knew how he wanted to memorialize himself for generations to come with our own Vermont Barre Gray Granite.

Pete created his own granite memorial based on his life experiences and placed the granite memorial on his property on a beautiful mountain top in Vermont.

We really enjoyed helping him fulfill some of his last wishes before his passing by memorializing him with a Barre gray granite memorial.

custom memorial project

Here is another work of art in granite,that was custom made for a Maine family whose son and brother passed away at a young age. Our local granite artisans here in Vermont hand crafted this beautiful granite memorial that was placed on the family's property in Maine.

You can see by the smiles on their faces that Matthew's siblings were pleased with the outcome of their brother's custom made granite memorial that we at Vermont Granite Works helped create.