Woodstock, Vermont during the peak of fall foliage season

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It is beautiful! It is perfect!


We are loving the table



Hello Elisa,

Thank you so very much for all you have done. I am very grateful and happy. This has been on my mind for a long time. The monuments look wonderful and I am very relieved. It was very nice to send the photograph! Thank you again for an excellent experience.

B. J.

…I had the opportunity to go see the stone last week at the Peru cemetery - and it is just what I was hoping for - an old style stone - especially from a distance. The arch at the top is just wanted and I love the sharp edge on the verticals and around the arch.

And the person who did the moon did a fabulous job, I loved how they rounded out the bottom of the edge of the circle and made it a rougher surface than the face of the stone. And the lettering was sharp and legible even on the light colored stone! I love the Bethel White granite, it's perfect!

Thanks again!

- Janet Cass

"Good Morning,

I have been waiting to get photos of my memorial granite bench we presented to Nick's mom, Becky, on Oct 10th. It was a very moving presentation and tribute to Nick (age 23) who passed away in August 2017. The bench was installed under an ornamental Japanese Maple in Becky's garden. Many thanks to Suzanne and Elisa for helping make this such a wonderful success and tribute to Nick.

Best Regards,
Roger Hill"

"HUGE success! Kay was overwhelmed, and her children and their families were so appreciative - Thanks to you again for bringing such joy to a deserving family!"

~ Pat S.

"Drove past the monument in it’s current Fall setting and was overwhelmed with the timeless beauty and quality that was made possible by your knowledge, advice and endless patience. Truly a decision that our family will never regret."

~ Bob & Brenda Rea

"I wanted to send you a very heart felt thank you about the work that you did in providing the stone for my father's memorial in Ferrisburg, Vermont in 2008. Our family rendezvoused last Labor Day there and everyone was very impressed with how beautiful the stone was. The deep carved rose was spectacular!

The coordination that you provided during the design and fabrication was outstanding. I very much enjoyed working with you. It was very evident that you are a professional in your line of work.

In addition, the support that Elisa gave when the plaque did not stay on and needed to be reset was also very indicative of a company that was interested foremost in customer satisfaction. She also was a pleasure to work with.

Again, thank you very much."

~ Bob Cushman

"Your work was outstanding. You were very prompt… getting the work done ahead of schedule. Thanks for everything."

~ Richford Elementary School

"Our cutting board is such a wonderful addition to our kitchen work area… we wish we had purchased a granite counter top instead of Formica."

~ Tony & Dianne Handy

"How can I thank you for the beautiful Vermont Verde marble counter top… Its dominant green color… its white beauty marks… its subtle gold flecks… to think that all this was once alive!"

~ Jay B.

"It has been a real pleasure to do business with your company and we highly recommend your work."

~ Chuck Pearce

"My heart soars every time I see it. …my imagination runs wild when I think of its history."

~ J.P., Conservest