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I wanted to send you a very heart felt thank you about the work that you did in providing the stone for my father's memorial in Ferrisburg, Vermont in 2008. Our family rendezvoused last Labor Day there and everyone was very impressed with how beautiful the stone was. The deep carved rose was spectacular! quotation mark

~ Bob Cushman

Vermont Granite Works Customers

Each year Vermont Granite Works serves hundreds of customers both pre- and post-need. At Vermont Granite Works we will make sure you have the knowledge needed to make the right decision when purchasing your family memorial. Vermont Granite Works can make any type of granite or marble memorial needed to represent family or loved ones. Our specialty is having our customers design their own memorial, you can choose from granite grave markers, granite slant markers, granite monoliths, granite monuments, granite memorials, beautiful granite mausoleums, granite benches and much more. We will show you what types of finishes we have, we will go over designs and granite color choices. Even if you are not in our immediate geographical area we can help you choose your perfect granite memorial. Our Granite memorials can be shipped all around the world. Also, we can have our team set them at your location or make arrangements with someone in your area to set them.

At Vermont Granite Works our customer service and knowledge of granite will help allow you to make collective and informed decisions.

We, At Vermont Granite Works, look forward to serving all of our customers in any way we can. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond in customer service and hope that you will consider us for any granite needs you may have. Contact us today so we can help you choose which memorial is right for you. Check out our Photo Gallery.

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